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You're well rid of him. And if an opportunity to live somewhere else, you should take it.
The fact your fiance doesn't stick up for you is a major
My mother was much the same. If she objected to something I said, she'd just talk over me and quash my opinion. The last real conversation I had with her, I was 62 years old and visiting her. I had gone through a lifetime walking on eggshells around her for fear of her temper, and my sisters the same, although she liked them better than she'd liked me. Anyway, at that time, when she made that final cutting remark, I didn't try to clap back, but I felt something in me sicken and start to die. I and my son went back to Florida and I just went on with my life. I don't even remember talking to her on the phone after that, though since my daughter was living with her and looking after her, I was able to keep track of how she was doing. She died in 2014, and while I probably should feel bad about us having been estranged, I don't know what else I could have done.
NTJ. Sounds like your mother doesn't take your condition seriously.
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