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Do not get involved in this. My ex is not allowed to contact his children due to court order. You may be inadvertently violating something similar.
NTJ. She knew what she was doing. She assumed you'd cover everything. Well what if you had done the same? I never go anywhere to eat or order more than I can afford to pay for myself. Don't confusion this user with a friend.
NTJ! A handmade gift, card or letter IS a "real gift" and anyone who puts that down is a jerk. I wouldn't begin to worry about what they think. A real friend would most definitely understand what you wrote here and respect it. I know some of my favorite gifts were from my younger niece and she would dip long pretzel rods in different chocolates and drizzle other chocolates to make pretty patterns and tie them up in festive bags/ribbon. She also made candy and cookies. All very inexpensive but true favorites among the family.
NTJ. I disagree that this is undermining when he's clearly not parenting the children he helped create. He's toxic to these children (and women) and bless you for validating your niece's feelings!
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