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Yeah bro, your story was great until you compared your job to military. Way to ruin it lol
They changed the currency for the story, from Norwegian Kronas to USD. Imagine it's USD. This person pays a $10 bill for $9 worth. The till is out of $1s, but they have a $2 bill. If the person gave the cashier $1, the cashier could give them the $2 bill as correct change. If you're old enough to remember that $2 bills exist lol.
Nickels* The story was changed at some point from Norwegian Kronas to USD, it has since been changed back I guess because I see it as "kroners." Karen paid a 10kr coin for a 9kr stamp. Homie didn't have 1kr coins in the till, but they had a 2kr coin. If she'd given him a 1kr coin, he could've given her the 2kr.
Thumbs-down to the situation. I hate crap like that. "We're throwing it away right now, but you can't give it away." What? I lucked out on a free beer because both the manager and the server tried to bring me one, they'd already popped the cap off so they couldn't resell the second. If the kid had gotten "theft" for them offering me the second beer instead of throwing it away and I heard of it, I'd have called corporate.
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