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Your misogyny is showing. Is your Neanderthal wooden club getting heavy without a devil-woman to hold it up for you?
Way to look worse than OP's parents. "Hey, person who clearly stated you have autism, you should feel like a POS reading me calling you stupid." Maybe you should take an ethics class, you complete asshat.
How f#<&ing sick is it to try and "manipulate" a teenager into looking like a chester? What the actual eff. I feel bad for the Chris person, if she GENUINELY thinks any homosexual is just ready and rearing to m0|€$+ their own gender by putting them in a room together. Setting up the other kids as freaking bait! What?!?! Never go back there, but if you have any evidence of her shenanigans, collect it and keep collecting.
Yaaaaas king! It's sad to me that the school took your projects better than your own mother. I mean, it's FANTASTIC, but from my experience it's usually the other way around. I'm glad you had such support, and hope someday your mother can get her head out of her ass.
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