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YTJ Why does everyone getting married always afraid that something, anything is going to take attention away from them? Everyone attending a wedding knows that they're there to celebrate the bride and groom and aren't going to just forget and ignore the stars of the show because a random guest dyed their hair or is wearing big earrings or, in this case, is 80-years-old
I also don't believe that she has anxiety and depression
NTJ Like FoolMe1nce said, it's a college fund, not a trust fund. If it's set up the way my college fund is, then it's not just money sitting in an account, it's money designated for paying for education and if it's not used for that purpose, it's heavily taxed and not worth as much. Also, they are ALREADY SUPPORTING HER FINANCIALLY! They haven't abandoned her, they just aren't going to give her money that's been invested and designated for a specific purpose.
Perfectly acceptable to ask her to prepare her own meals if she elects to stick to a particular diet, not acceptable to unilaterally decide that her diet choices aren't important
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