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Ntj but be careful of her trying to get rid of it behind your back or "accidentally" doing something to hurt or kill it. Shes just embarrassed she wasn't watching her son and isn't teaching him basic respect for other peoples privacy and belongings. If the snake was an actual problem for her she would have not moved in with you at all unless you got rid of it.
Ntj. Shes weird for that. I can understand him giving her away but even the father daughter dance is weird to me. Esp since you didn't even get to do the father daughter dance at your school cause of her. Id tell him he can walk her down the isle. Thats all. Cause if you give in shes gonna always want him to act like daddy in front of people and prolly guilt trip him with her kids as his "grandkids." Best to stop it now.
Ntj. Kate lied on all of yall. Kick her out. She can go stay with one of the people she lied to about yall on tiktok. Cause shes an adult living rent free and is acting like this KNOWING she was supposed to pay for her own ticket months ago. I get shes young but still. Her actions have consequences. And yall go on yalls trip. Have fun!
Ntj. You are definitely NTJ. They are most likely homeless cause they move in with people and do them the same way they did you. Not cleaning, not listening to rules, etc. Don't do anything else for them. Ever. And I'd take pics of it all for proof if they try to lie on you to others. As well as keep receipts of anything you had to pay for to fix or replace. That way you can tell them to pay you back for it .
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