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YTJ in this situation if you don't go. This is about your son. Your partner has had very little to do with your children as your youngest was 15 when you got together. This is one that I would let go and attend on your own. I also completely understand how you ended up in this situation with a narcissistic ex who would've groomed the kids to spend more time with them. He may or may not be a good dad (not enough info) but the kids were old enough to see what was happening and some ex's control the kids to hurt the other parent.
No jerks here. Unless you were specific about how important this was for you and he ignored you. Telling him to have his D&D nights with his mates is fine. But the circumstances are different here as this isn't their normal night and you did have plans. It's very disappointing if you were expecting him to come but unless you told him how important it was then he may not have realised.
YTJ - if your daughter enjoys it that's all that matters.
NTJ but your mom needs some help. She sounds extremely manipulative and I suspect there is more to the story. I would just stop taking your broken phone and when your mom can't contact you... well she can't contact you because you don't have a phone.
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