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So what is the revenge? OP was not the best of friends but what did the coworker do to harm them? And if they were trying to get back at the company what had they done? This doesn't sound like a revenge story. This just sounds like OP wanted to become a thief and had the means to do so.
The letter U did nothing to lose this guy his job. But seriously, YOU are defending a person who made a homophobic slur and calling OP a b*tch? The new host didn't choose to be gay anymore than you didn't choose to be unintelligent.
I think you missed the first part of the story. OP stated that the best friend could not find a guy she liked and when she did the guy ghosted her. I agree people can date who they feel like but at the same time its a jerk move to ghost someone. The guy deserved everything he got. Also if the roles were reversed I would say the exact same thing. I don't believe that most people would freak out based on the gender of the person doing this.
Some people struggle with extreme heat(32C). This isn't to say they shouldn't get a summer job just because of this. Temperature can fluctuate and OP could have been fine the rest of the summer. I can work in heat but if it is extremely hot out it is hard for me to work efficiently. You can also get heat stroke from that level of heat.
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