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My identity was stolen, but I have had a lock on my credit for years. From what I have pieced together they found out that I had a lock on my credit and went to the website for the company I used to lock it. They tried guessing my password but never got it right and eventually the credit company locked my account. I didn’t learn about it until I needed to unlock my credit temporarily. Well, they got things so screwed up that two months and several phone calls to the credit reporting agency later, I still can’t access my account with that company. I really hope karma bites them in the butt.
She got what she deserved. She probably never learned anything either.
She worked as a lunch lady? She was poor herself. Lunch ladies/cashiers don’t make that much. If you live in a glass house, you best not throw stones. ‍♀️
Ignorant much? Go play in traffic troll.
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