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At least you were nice and did not laugh in their faces. I would have in that situation. Sorry but you did the right thing. It seems that they have never been supportive of you and from the way it sounds, I would bet that they even helped your brother with school. Tell them that you have your own life to look after and to prepare for. You did your part for a long time, and it is now time for their golden child to step up and do his. Wish them the best and hang up. Then lead your life. Tell the other family members what all you did and put up with and if they do not like your response, they can walk away. After that, go no contact with them as well.
This is a bad situation all around. Sounds like mom is using you to fuel her gambling habit and dad is either in the know or does not care. Make sure that mom is not on any of your accounts so that she cannot go in and just take the money. You are an adult now and suggest finding a place to live and get out of the house. After that, go NO contact with them and hopefully take care of yourself. If they complain about the no contact, tell them you will reconsider it AFTER mom has repaid ALL the funds she took from a minor and AFTER a LONG discussion is had as to their behavior during all of this. Do not expect this to happen and be prepared for the no contact. May be what you need to get better.
Couple of routes could have been taken here. You were already paying per session and could have continued that route. You had a better paying job and that should have not been an issue. Now if you got your insurance SPECIFICALLY to cover these visits then you need to talk to the insurance provider and find out why it is so difficult to get your doctor paid. If this is just a game that the provider is playing, you need to cancel the insurance and report the provider to the federal authorities over it. If this is your general insurance, then you need to find out why the hold up on payments. For those that want to comment about this just being American insurance, yeah, we are fed up with it too. We would complain but our politicians are bought and paid for by them and we keep trying to kick them out, but we have stupid people that vote them back in.
From the way it sounds...he has decided to just live off his VA money and not work at all and at that point figures he does not have to give you anything. He could not be more wrong. Sorry but yes, contact the courts and inform them of the VA money and go from there. He was making twice as much as you (not sure if the VA money was calculated in that. If it was, that means his job was paying you as much as yours was and he had the additional funds from the VA on top of that) before losing his job and it is on him to keep making his payments and also to catch up on missed payments. i suspect the court will even want proof he is attempting to find work or is paying his support either way and will not drop it at this time. Sorry but after all the fighting that you did just to try to resolve your marriage and the debate over getting the divorce, this has to happen. You already settled on a lower amount of child support during your deliberations and now he pays nothing. Time for court I am afraid.
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