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NTJ but your sister sure sounds like one. It sounds like you'll make a great tracher
I'm going to go with the unpopular opinion of NTJ and I'm a plus size woman (5'4", 228lbs although 5 months ago I was 278) and I would LOVE to live in a tiny home. Plus free for 3 months and after that, I only have to pay lot rent? Sign me up! I think what you and your family did was very nice. Just because she's plus size, doesn't mean she has the right to be rude and ungrateful.
OMG. NTJ I hate the term "body shaming." Uless someone is being cruel to you because of your weight, they are not shaming you. Did they say she's ugly because she's overweight or call her a derogatory name? This whole new movement is accepting your weight is very unhealthy. I should know. In Feb 2022, I topped the scales at 279. I have a lot ofnbody confidence but I was UNHEALTHY. It took getting covid and being hospitalized for 5 days because my oxygen went down to 83. I felt like I was being suffocated. Since then, I have switched to a whole foods, low/no carb lifestyle and I found a personal trainer that I LOVE! I'm down 50 lbs and while i sill have a long way to go, I feel so much better. I'm off my insulin, off cholesterol meds, I can actually be outside in the Florida heat and not feel like I'm dying. When a doctor tells you to lose weight for HEALTH reasons, that's solid medical advice and you should take it. The fact that you want to do this with your SO just shows how loving and supportive you are. Again. NTJ... at all
NTJ. What do they need to talk about if they're exes? Unless they're discussing his bad behavior so they can get back together. Idc which ex wanted to talk to me. It's a hard no, unless I haven't moved on.
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