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NTJ. Because he said flat out he would do it & would love to, he's just not sure if James wants him to. He is actually being a very kind & considerate stepdad in considering James' feelings. I agree with the others, make the offer to him. Let him know there is no wrong answer & the decision is very much his to make.
YUP! How the curious is that supposed to comfort your sister? She already knows it was too much. Thus the tears from being overwhelmed. As a sister you listen to her, grab her a drink, some water too, & some tissues. Being a condescending, know-it-all, bee-otch accomplishes nothing & just makes you look heartless and mean.
This "my man", "my girl". BLECH! Significant other, partner, GF, BF etc. Actually, he & his sister are the only jerks. She has every right in this situation, she's pregnant with his child & they live together. Their bills have to be paid & their child's needs have to be met. He wasn't doing anything about his sister & as she pointed out he's constantly at work. She took matters into her own hands. If the other person doesn't like it, FIX IT WHEN IT'S BEEN BROUGHT TO YOUR ATTENTION. Otherwise, it's going to get fixed without you.
Also, STOP WITH THE "MY GIRL". She's a GROWN WOMAN. She's not an object. You don't own her. She's not your's. GROW UP. As someone who suffers from many allergies, as well as asthma & when I was kid, dairy too; YES YOU'RE THE JERK. Allergies can be serious enough to cause anaphylaxis, this requires an epi-pen. If not treated in time can cause death. My allergies, if triggered can cause an asthma attack. So on top of dealing with the reaction, I now cannot breathe without my inhaler. Dairy allergy is NOT lactose intolerance.
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