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This was the lead story and I opened it and scrolled all the way down here just to be able to say YTJ. If this is real coz this is so stupid, curly hair is totally different from straight. Also, using a cheap dollar store conditioner will require more to work effectively. A month is probably her trying like crazy to stretch it. A better quality product will require less to work, but that also depends on the length of her hair. Also, since you felt the need to tell us how you question paternity, I am guessing it stays on your mind and you most likely do actually treat her differently daily. Do yourself a favor~suck it up & let it go or get a test. Give the poor girl some conditioner.
YES! ^^^ She was just a mean girl. I personally wouldn't have catered to her silly, childish behavior by giving her the expensive gift after that little stunt. The cupcake didn't matter, but she actually put thought into that little maneuver. If she cried, the message of the consequence was received loud and clear.
I would like to point out that the people saying that the baby can stay in the room with you might not be thinking that your big baby might not like losing sleep because of the little baby..... If he is being his a&&hole over his son losing his own room 4 days a month (as your son would also and both boys would equally have their privacy the whole rest of the month), then let him take a hike. Like someone pointed out, he may question the failed vasectomy if he hasn't been tested. Make sure either way that you insist on a paternity test to prove to him it is his child so he can never doubt that. Tell him you insist since he talked so trashy about not wanting it and leaving if his son loses his room. It actually puts both boys on a level field. What does he suggest? Dis he think it would sleep in the bathtub or something? The laundry room in a basket? What a moron.
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