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Totally removed from your situation, but.... you should try to determine if your son is picky or has food allergies. Not all allergies cause a person to have anaphylaxis issues. I was allergic to milk, legumes, strawberries, tomatoes, mushrooms, and a bunch of other things. I could have milk once and feel blah but the third time/day in a row left me feeling like my skin was crawling from the inside out. It isn't like lactose intolerance (reacting to the sugars); it is a reaction to the proteins. With beans, I could walk into a bean patch in the summer and my legs would turn red and welk up in just minutes. Thankfully, my mother never forced me to eat anything (not a jab at you) and I was allergy tested at 13. The weird thing was that milk was my ++++, but things like ice cream, cheeses, and sour cream were just ++ & +++ (which is how they ranked it then.) Look for trends in what he likes and dislikes. If he likes broccoli but hates auliflower, is it such a hardship to help him learn to make good choices like that? Carrots and good but celery isn't? Let him have some say in meal prep since he is older now. This also teaches him that he can't say I don't like this one day but it is good the next. Keep a tracking list. If he turns something down multiple times, you know something is up with not liking it. He may feel the need to try it again later and discover he does like it. At 11, though, try to make him a part of the food selections as long as it doesn't become a game to him.
You are done. If he stays, he will resent you. If he goes, you will resent him. It will be inevitable. Even platonic, I wouldn't go on a trip with someone of the opposite gender without my husband. I wouldn't want to. jerk is even more easier to justify having a fling. NTJ, but definitely be honest with the situation. Do not be wishy-washy! If it ends, hold your head high as you walk away. (Just not your nose in the air.)
1. He lied to you. Probably because he is your husband's buddy. Husband should be offended that he took advantage of your connections. 2. He was assigned work and obviously left, which means he got paid for not doing his job. He not only lied but he also stole from the company. 3. If he did this to THAT extent once, it probably wasn't the first time he did that particular thing (as they have things documented) nor will it be the last time. NTJ. Dude is and hubby is because he took the side of dishonesty.
Wait. Your mom left CHURCH and performed illegal activities? She forced a teenager to sit on someone's lap? You are NTJ! You are way too old to sit on someone's lap unless you are 100% comfortable with that person.
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