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I am just amazed. He was very childish and should man up to admit his fault. You were valid to react and I don't feel like you overreacted. He didn't respect you to begin with by making comments and don't let him deflect his part by making you think your reaction was worse than his obviously planned jokes. How are you seriously supposed to trust him anymore?
Leftovers are definitely NOT for spoiled brats. ‍♀️ Honestly, is there something wrong with her? Is this her only hangup or is she picky in other ways?
Elope? Destination wedding? Good luck. There is a difference between Bridzilla and just wanting things "normal". It doesn't sound like you have the support they give her.
This is why it is called a crush. It would be pretty uncomfortable given the history of making out. Be her friend and give her a break. She has a guy and try to take friendship or bow out GRACEFULLY. If things don't work out, you still have a friend.
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