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I have to wonder just how much you are exaggerating your sister's faults. I can't say jwrk, but you were rude and ungrateful. Find somewhere else to land because I infer that you are both miserable.
She didn't even know you'd left until she saw your jacket gone?!? Yeah, she wasn't on a date. What an idiot. You were smart to go ahead and leave. Her bad.
High five moonsherbet! If he has to give up his seat, make sure to fetch his slippers and a stiff drink upon him arriving home. Also, make sure you dust in a dress, apron, & heels. This was not about you and you were selfish. Why couldn't he be rewarded for hard work and you be happy about the chance to make the trip?
YTJ. Not ideal, but let her explore whatever she wants. If she is successful, she could specialize in areas that she has personally experienced and understands that the average person could never begin to understand. Also, dealing with patients is infinitely different than dealing with her brothers. It is like comparing apples and oranges because patients would be expecting services and looking for her strengths, not her sister weaknesses.
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