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NTJ. I am 25 1/2 years older than my sister. Right now we live in different states approximately 3 hours apart. Although before she went to college I saw her several times a month. We are close and have always been. We vacation every year together with her mom/my stepmom. We sometimes hang out together when she comes to my state and/ or when her mom and I go to her state. Despite the age difference, we enjoy the same activities when we are together. I am not her friend or her parent. (Our father passed away a few days after we dropped her off for her freshman year in college. I was the one who had to take the 5 hour trip to tell her.) I am her sister. I text her occasionally. She knows if she ever needs me, I am there for her. What I don't do is force myself down her throat or give unsolicited advice. She is grown. I am not in her business, she is not in mine. OP's sister needs to take a step back and let him live his life.
YTA. Big time!! Mary is slightly TJ for agreeing on the behalf of her parents. They are under no obligation to pay for YOUR wedding. You are the only one acting like a spoiled entitled child.
NTJ. I see serious red flags with his behavior.
YTJ. YOU didn't have secrets. Winton did. YOU messed up with his family for sharing a secret that wasn't YOURS. I hope that your relationship can be repaired.
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