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Going Drag as an art form has been around since the time of Shakespeare, and possibly before. Drag is in movies, on stage and on TV. She has no right to tell you that you are no longer allowed to perform. You said you do it professionally, so therefore you get paid. Next time ask her if she is going to replace your current and future income you get from performing.
Spare-Article-396 and their friends are so entitled. The only jerk is your SIL that tried to force an invite for her daughter. I was a shy kid that was often forced onto my cousins. They made me feel unwanted but my mom/grandma got points in their head for making me go. That is what your SIL is doing. Your daughter and her friend group don't want your neice there. If they had, she would have been invited. She will be the unwanted outcast barely tolerated because the adults said they Had To. It's not bullying on your daughters part, it's just how it is. Tell your brother he is welcome to come to the adult only party and tell him his wife is an adult and can choose to come or not.
1) No means No. Period! 2) My daughter would get random nosebleeds. The doctor explained that some people have capillaries closer to the skin then others. It's a mucus membrane that gets fragile if it dries. He had her use a cotton swab to rub small amounts of Vaseline inside the nose to keep it moist. It worked for her and now she only has to do it in the winter.
So... she's working a big project that you admit she's stressed about. You go off to play while she works. You send a text that she may not have even seen because she's working. She is still furiously typing but stops to share her day and you chastise her like she's a child because the world didn't revolve around you. Shame on you. Don't be surprised if she never wants to share her projects with you again.
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