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NO! NTJ! No way, no how, not happening, grandma needs to sod off! What total bs!
Ntj. Thank you for being such a great sad regardless of ur beliefs. Ur daughter is lucky to have u, especially with her mother the way she is. Please keep an eye on her mental health and maybe look at getting her into therapy as well bc this can't be easy for her right now
The fact that he found out the card was cancelled bc he tried to use it is enough proof that he's untrustworthy already, not even mentioning the fact that he essentially stole it from u in the first place. Leave the pos!
Ntj, wtaf did ur sister tell them!!! Talk to ur parents and other siblings and find out, then tell them the truth, u were given less then a week's notice and had already committed to going to a disability conference where u would be able to meet other people in similar situations as urself and gather resources for the future for urself if needed. Fk her!!!
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