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Millions of women are sahm and have depression. You have to get with it and take care of your kids anyway. That's no excuse. I would never ever think to leave my husband to clean after working to take care of us. There are so many dead beat dads. She should be happy to have such a good husband and make his life a little easier. Some women work, do everything at home, raise kids and get degrees. Stop with the excuses.
What happens when a single mom has depression. She gets to it and cleans and works. Millions do, this is no excuse.
Ive been a stay at home mom. Suck it up. Yea you do have time. Kids can play while you clean. I can't even believe you can be on her side when the kid GOES TO SCHOOL. How ridiculous. If my hubby cares enough to work and pay for everything, get your lazy butt up and clean. Good grief. There are single parents constantly that work and take care of kids and clean. Depression or not.
Hes the one who is being selfish and going over his new brides head and making decisions without her. There is no law or requirement that siblings should be in the wedding party. Its your closest friends and family. You can clearly see who is the jerk in this situation and if you dont see that, I pity your significant other.
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