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Im sure your one of those that a baby is a life at conception, you cant abort it and then want to throw it in a cage or wont pay a dime to help. You are a worthless peice of shit and we would much rather you go away and she stay. Wishing you the most bad karma i can. World would be alot better without you in it.
Your barely there ex can suck a big d%*!(. It is none of his concern who you have at your home. Make sure that from now on when he finally does see the kid again that you have a meeting place so this doesnt occur again. I personally would have knocked out a few of his teeth for calling me a female dog. He had no right to say anything to you or the impact on your son since he only has time for him a few days a month. That gives him more time for female companions since he's not got his kid very much. Take him on all the child support you can and get him and his family for harassment if it doesnt stop speaking to you that way or texts to you. Im sure the judge would love to see these messages or be told how he talks to you on front of the kid. It wouldn't be good for him. Block these people. He is a peice of shit and i would tell him to fuck off. NTJ
NTJ, and that you think you might be is worrisome. Who drops their kids on their freinds wife and walks away??? Including dogs. They gave their wives a break and foisted them on you unknowingly. The most upsetting part is that your husband didn't ask beforehand or ask at that time, hun is it ok if you watch the kids for a bit? They used you plain and simple. I would have walked upstairs too and set down. When they ask about the kids, say oh they are downstairs. I only gave birth to 2. I am not being paid as a babysitter. I didnt invite you over to work but enjoy myself. Have your wives come pick them up if you want and start playing your playstation! I actually would probably take the kids and leave. If my husband was that inconsiderate, I would no longer be married to him. Grow a backbone and tell this man off. You are not his maid and babysitter. My husband would be afraid if he did that to me, because hes in trouble afterwards if i didnt say something in front of all those jerks at the time.
As soon as they break up, he will come crawling back for a shoulder to cry on. I would be glad to be rid of him. If he only wants you when he needs someone, be happy he's gone. He values sex over your friendship. NTJ
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