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Get a customer service job working from home. Childcare problem solved. Also, leave him. He’s financially abusing you and an alcoholic. No one needs that much booze in a month.
I’m going with everyone sucks here but mostly the gf. A guy who’s terribly allergic to dogs obviously will not be knowledgeable about dogs. He should have asked the groomer what he could do to cut down the allergens instead of going ahead with it. I have these types of allergies to certain animals and it’s miserable
Here’s the thing, if this stuff just randomly started happening 2 months ago and is completely out of character then he either needs to be checked out by a dr or something happened. You can always call his therapist and let them know what’s going on if he refuses to go get checked out by a dr. Sudden personality changes rarely happen for no reason. Most abusers don’t wait 3-4 years into a relationship to change either.
Here’s the thing, there is no way that counter person is only making waitress wages. You do not need to tip in that situation and they did that on purpose to get every person to tip. If they are in fact making waitress wages then the owner is a piece of jerk.
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