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NTJ. A lot of times when people go so long without seeing someone the "you've grown a whole foot since i saw you last" is a normal saying. Tia laughed it off and wasn't upset by it. Her parents refused to listen to your apology and how you meant you were referring to her height and not the prosthetic. Hopefully this can get worked out.
YTJ. You sound clingy and co-dependent. That's not healthy. Stop calling your partner every 20mins and instead listen to the radio, podcast or an audiobook. I'd be annoyed too if you were my partner
NTJ. MIL and husband never corrected you on how to say her name and if she refuses to engage in a conversation with you on how to pronounce it well that's on her. Her partner needs to chill out as well. All of this could've been avoided if her or your husband would've corrected you the 1st time you said it wrong
NTJ. You did the right thing in calling the cops for emma stealing your car. the fact that her parents allow that at home is ridiculous!! Maybe now she'll learn.
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