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I love how everyone kept saying the Wife is not the jerk. Um..okay so she'sn ot the jerk in the most part, but she is a jerk to tell the OP that she has to change the paperowrk so that the dude has rights as well, whent he dude didn't even WANT rights. He says No, he doesn't want it. It was a donation and the OP wanted to raise the kids on her own. Her choice of course. Dude was coolw ith it. Yes he should have consulted his wife. But the wife saying it needs to be changed so that dude has rights too, tells me that she wants some say in the raising fo the choldren. This kinda sucks for everyone.
To CheyBridgeMan - yeah no. No one knows how long she informed him. For all we know she may have given the roomie the valid 30 days or more. But all in all her health and baby comes first. The Roomate did not care. Also pulling out information such as "Doctors, daycare, teachers?" Guess what? That's none of your business. She'll get there when its time to deal with it. Right now her main focus is getting out of that apartment.
Swiollvfer - yeah....Charity. But the kid took things that wasn't his in the first place. So the stuff was for Charity. guess what? OP was a charity case in some sort. Perhaps not as a label but he was charity. So he took what he thought would benefit for him. 2 peices of items! Whoo-hoo! A full bag still went ot the Charity. Dude OWED him money. So no OP is not the jerk. I would have done the same damn thing. In fact I HAVE done the same thing myself. Never once felt bad about it, because in the end, I got what was owed to me, and the rest was given away.
I really have no comments. No NTJ, YTJ, ESH....none of that. In the end, the best thing would have been to talk to her in person instead of text. This way there's no miscommunication on both parties.
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