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OMG! KICK HIS jerk TO THE CURB.....YESTERDAY! This is a very strong narcisstic typical attitude and if you stay longer with him, the more he will do this. Controlling as well. He has to be with you for everything! No, You are your own person. And that extra info....sorry, it still doesn't count. He made you leave your friend's wedding to see if you would choose him or your friend, by claiming he's in an accident....which was false! LEAVE HIM!
Nope. NTJ. Planned or not, pregnancy can just come when they decide. Your SIL is....well needs help. Who asks if you can be pregnant?
Plus I would also say, if we changed all that in the past, we may not even exist today. We may actually erase ourselves rfom the current timeline, if they were to go back and change things......Hypothetically of course.
I am not autistic, and I totally understand what you are saying. I believe this group did too, but did not like it, beause they were focused on the huge topic. I mean I'd like it if jerk didn't do what he did, but without that, and we remove it.....lots of ancestors would not exist today. The same with Slavery. Things would not happen today if that did not happen then. I do not support slavery. But I understand you. It would be like them wanting to erase Women Rights! If they did, we would not have the rights we have today. And Vuce Versa. What we can truly do is change what we can for ourselves..... Since they are posting you about being pro-slavery, let them. The bad will out and those that know you, will be by your side, knowing the true facts, of what you believe and know. Again, hypothetical converstaions can go good or bad....
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