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I'm going with a soft YTJ. I understand your concerns, and frustration. You feel like you can't do anything to help. You mention doctors, but has he talked to a psychologist or therapist? I think that may help as well. I also agree with the person who said to join him with exercise, and learning about food and healthy eating. I wish you all luck and hope you find a solution.
NTJ and I would go No Contact with her as soon as possible!! You are an adult, and she has no rights in your life or business.
NTJ! The server is supposed to earn their tips, and treating customers in such a manner voids that. Call the restaurant and complain. Nobody deserves a tip for bad service, regardless of why.
NTJ!! I was married to a mommy's boy, and his mom meddled in our marriage, and he went to her to discuss things that should've been between us. Run!! Far and fast! It will never change.
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