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She sounds pretty awful, but if you want to meet up and have food, make sure that is all, and reassure her that in no way would you take her in and care for her because she did not afford you the same, especially if her sons wouldn't do it, she probably was an awful mother to them too.
Definitely NTJ. Your family is messed up. Tell them to honor the original agreement and split it between themselves otherwise you would cancel without notification. It is not fair they are using you and trying to guilt you into providing them a luxury.
Is this a joke? Tell him to grow up or get lost. He sounds like a user. Just awful. Since he isn't working, make him go grocery shopping and chip in or just tell him to stop coming over. I would honestly just dump his parasitic behind. You are definitely NTJ.
He sounds like he is being friendly and clueless. Maybe have a co worker around and the next time he comments, have them nonchalantly say, it is a little weird you are commenting about her personal place of living. Maybe he will get the hint.
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