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Any kind of deception is a lie.
And women naturally produce testosterone. Would u be ok with someone giving u something that would greatly increase that hormone in u? Especially if they did it behind ur back?
Ntj. Ur sister shouldn't have pit it out there and she should respect ur decisions regarding ur children. My sil named her youngest an odd name, but that was their choice. Sounds like ur sister may be jealous.
Ytj. Ur ex has a new partner, wife, whatever. Your child became her child the moment ur ex and she were a couple. Not allowing a 6 yr to not go to cheer practice because she refused to do her work was a just punishment. U and they need to present a united front in order to raise this child right. Sit down and make out a list of what is acceptable for back talk, refusing to do chores, refusing to do homework, etc. U will not be there 24/7 and u can not bind ur ex's partners hands. U will raise a total brat if u do.
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