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He's a huge red flag. He will get worse and you will have to choose between him and her.
If they said thst in am email please go to a lawyer or dept of labor
unpredictable hubby the friend has to go. If he doesn't like it he can go too. You can file for divorce and child support. With 6 kids you should get enough to help survive. If he gets violent call the cops. Call them for the stolen car too.
Oh man. NTJ. My nephew is/was spoiled bad. He broke stuff, cussed and did other bad curious. His Mom was worthless (because Mommy always did everything for her) so his Gmom raised him. He got away with everything. He would refuse to go to school and when they forced him he was so bad school didn't want him either. They basically passed him if he didn't make too much noise. He'd do bad curious and they would buy him diet bikes but didn't even have money for food or rent. He's in his 20s now. Can't read or write and last I heard is still an awful person. I went NC years ago and hes not allowed in anyone's houses.
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