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YTJ. There are no words to describe how much of a jerk you are. You are the type of jerk that makes landlords only rent to people over 25 years old. GROW UP AND HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE, YOU SELFISH DOUCHE!
My life with my father, except add physical abuse. Shocked the h@%& out of him when I filed assault charges against him. I was 46 years old. He alienated all 4 of his children and died a lonely, angry man. I, after much counseling, forgave him so he no longer had any control over me. I am extraordinarily happy after releasing all of the negativity in my life.
Absolutely FLAWLESS!!!
No, I don't yell at kids, but I've been stuck behind too many double parked a$$holes; unable to find a handicapped spot because they are taken by moronic, lazy people who are too lazy to walk the extra 50 feet to the store or mall (I actually have a physical handicap and a handicap placard).
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