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LOL I'd have said "And I'm expected to take pictures with a lab rat like you, but you don't hear me griping."
Apologize to the in-laws but but not the Brat. She just got mad that she got back what she dished out. NTJ.
Brat needs to stop making the party about what she wants & just accept that you guys smoke. If she didn't like it, she didn't have to go. You simply solved the problem. What, does she think you don't smoke when she's not around? NTJ.
interesting no, you're NTJ!!! Your sister is having a hissy fit because you're trying to take care of a man who's badly injured. What would happen once you had your baby? Would she has insisted you can still watch her child while you're dealing with the strenuous first weeks? BS, she's the jerk. That is her child and she needs to deal.
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