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OP, why are you attempting to rope in your BIL to your wedding plans when you haven't dealt with the real problem: your fiance? Listen. If your fiance isn't going to take action to help you with the wedding, what makes you think he'll do any better once you're married? You're acting just as entitled as your fiance is and you need to take SEVERAL steps back and reconsider if you even want to marry a man who can't keep up with his side of the responsibilities.
Your brother's just mad that he didn't get any from a rude guest of his. Tell him to suck it up & stop stealing food or move out. I'm sure you & your partner would love that place to yourselves.
Absolutely NTJ! He is, though! Girl, if he's making sexist jokes and trying to manipulate you like this, are you sure you want to marry him? The insurance gives him the value of the car less liens, so no, he's trying get a shiny brand-new car by manipulating you. If this is how he acts about $ now, can you imagine being married? And the fact he doesn't care if you're hurt or not? OP, just to put this out there: this accident may have been a blessing in disguise. It's allowing you to see your fiance for the jerk he is. Get away from him & get your own insurance.
OP, Sounds like it's time tondivorce him. He's treating you thus way because you've let him, but he needs ti grow up & realize that being a dad isn't all about what HE wants. He isn't even doing the bare minimum. If he can't grow up and be responsible, divorce him & find a good man who can. He needs to learn that being a father isn't about him.
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