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omg yes. I worked in the craphole and let me tell you, their micromanaging is possibly connected to the increase in mental health problems for employees. I hated all t of my years there.
NTJ. It's for the best, and if you keep going, he's going to continue to be a problem. Time to either get a babysitter during visits or less visits with the in-laws. And don't let up until he learns! Kids have to learn boundaries. It might help to learn how to ask to pet a person's animal.
NTJ, she needs to get her backside off her shoulders. Her technique is deliberately setting the kids up to fail because they are late. A job doesn't get away with that. Why should she? I'd start keeping track of how often she does it, how long the students are left put there, and then put in a complaint with a copy of this info about how she is setting up the students to fail, that it's an jerk of power, & that she needs to be put in check for tardiness issues. Another one: if she's ever late, lock the door & don't let her in for 20 monutes.
I hate to sound cruel, but your mother has made her bed and stole from you to do it. Time to lay in it. It's not your fault she decided to act like a fool and let the schmoozing jerk back into her life. This is going to be a lifelong battle if you don't cut her off NOW. You can get unsubsidized loans to help pay for school. It sucks, but it's better than relying on her for any paperwork. Your sisters can do the same. Leave, cut her off, and don't look back. She just proved who she cares about the most, & sadly, it's not her children.
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