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I am the daughter of amazing people! I am the wife of an absolutely awesome man! I am the mother to five wonderful children! I am the grandmother to two fantastic, adorable and undeniably beautiful little angels, one I have never met and the other is our Angel Princess! We have three kewt furbabies, two of them bark to speak to us and one just loves running on the top-level wheel of his multi-level holding unit.

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I have accounts for ebook stuff, but somehow, I just cannot get into the whole ebook type stuff. There's just nothing like holding the book in your hands, actually touching the pages, turning pages, etc. I have so many 'real' books and could never find it in my heart to part with a single, shabby, rough-looking book, either! Whether or not I ever read it again, that's another story. My hubby is the same, he refuses to get rid of any book either. I grew up in the 1980s and have been on computers most of my life, even taking computer programming in college, (at one point, during my nine years in college, I was told that I would be a 'career-student'). As much as I have grown to respect what they call "the computer age", I seriously HATE technology! I grew up in the wrong era :/ LMBO!!! Have a wonderful day :)
Most likely, anyone whom gave a 'thumbs down', must be one that would have been T or Sam... HMMM!!!
You're NOT the jerk! What is wrong with some people? So far, I haven't read on story with this topic, that anyone has been the jerk!
No, you're NOT the jerk! Yes, priorities change, but friendship doesn't have to and obviously, her side of things did. You have nothing to be sorry for. Me, almost always having been the friend that has to have always reached out first, understand completely what you're talking about. It's very frustrating, to say the least. No matter whom it is or what it's about, I was and sometimes still am, the one that always has to reach out first. So much so, that I have completely given up on most of my friendships. I have an extremely limited friend circle and don't even reach out to many of my family anymore, either. I'm usually the 'black sheep', scapegoat, first to have to reach out or just plain ole, ALWAYS the bad guy! It's exhausting and tiresome, and I refuse to continue that way. I don't keep in touch with many any longer and all-out refuse to just 'lay down' and take it any longer. (Which still, sadly, puts me as the bad guy) :'(
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