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NTA being deaf until you're 4 isn't an excuse not to learn. It sounds like her parents have coddled her her whole life. I used to be a teacher for blind kids & deaf kids & there's no reason they can't learn & be productive people with lives. She's ridiculous & her parents are horrible people. I've seen this before and they aren't doing her any favors, she's going to fall apart when they pass because they've spoiled & coddled her.
NTA depression doesn't give people an excuse to be a shifty friend. She should have called & shouldn't have lied.
YTA, that's a lot of words for "I want to fck my sister & now I'm pissed someone else gets to." No wonder they kept it from you. You are her BROTHER not her boyfriend. Get over yourself, you are a creepy muthafcker.
“He lives here so you need to accommodate him.” really? Um no, it's a dog not a human. He needs better training, not coddling.
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