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NTJ. My mother constantly makes negative comments about my weight. She has my whole life. I started getting angry. She said she was just trying to help. I told her I have a mirror and a weigh scale so her help isn't needed. I told her that her comments make me feel ugly and chip away at my self confidence. She tried to deny saying those things. But I always message my husband and tell him what she says. So I started reading off the dates of her insults and what she said as proof. She was speechles. I said a lot more but she finally got the message. I am 52. I wish I would have fought back sooner.
NTJ. You are an adult and do not need to tell her where you are going. Based on her past behavior I would definitely not tell her the address and any other info about your partner. Your mother is threatening to get rid of your cat if you don't bend to her will? She's trying blackmail tactics to get her way. That's really messed up. I suggest once you move out that you go no contact with her. I would maybe try to move in with a friend or relative so you can get out of her house asap. She is definitely a narcissist.
NTJ. He should have been there to care for you and he knew that so he lied. Then he tries to gaslight you and try to make you feel like the villain. Not cool.
NTJ. She hurt you repeatedly for years. Emotionally abused you. Trashed your deceased mother for years. You were dealing with a huge loss and she stuck the knife in and turned it whenever she could. You were a child. She is truly evil. Karma. She got exactly what she deserved. I would have done exactly what you did. I don't believe in being kind to abusers. She hasn't cried nearly the amount of tears you cried over her cruelty. Honestly, I hope it felt good.
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