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Ntj, and as to Lameadors comment, do they not realize that there is no reasoning with a jerk person who already made it clear they don't give a single f what you're saying? Op did everything in their power to avoid any further issues including taking verbal jerk in order to keep the sister from driving. Besides, what else could op really have done? Tie up sis to keep her there? No, the sis is a grown adult who made her choice.
Ntj, and she is definitely the obsessed stalker type, so op be careful.
Ytj, and if ip keeps it up she'll not only have a bad relationship with bfs but also no relationship with daughter/daughters in the future.
Esh, parents for spoiling her. Op for expecting reimbursement when it sounds like op just did it to spend time with niece. If op wanted to be paid back for it then op should have said so before this and not just cause a 7 year old annoyed you.
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