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Being out and about on his own, though, does prove that he has a disorder, not a disability. Autism is a DISORDER. Autism Spectrum DISORDER, not disability. I suppose any mental health disorder is now comparable to being physically disabled going by how you've responded to people pointing out the difference.
Funny, because, no, they're meant for people with PHYSICAL disabilities and/or limitations. I guess anyone with a mental health disorder can now claim discrimination based on the thought of 'I'm disabled'...gtfo
You've got it backwards, hun...daddy dearest made the bully cousins apologize to OP...
NTJ...he's YOUR son, not the fiancé's. He's 3, not 5. He has never been away from you without his grandma. If there were months before the vacation, I could see building up some distance to make it easier, especially since he's gonna be starting school soon. But it is perfectly within reason to say no this time around.
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