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NTJ tell her she's welcome to stay with Grandma but she has no right to dictate what you do in your home unless she wants you to goto hers and demand things your way. Tell her if she can't respect your home then you don't respect hers
NTJ And I would loook to moving home before the baby is born. They will be born a US citizen making it difficult for you to take the baby is dad protests or his family convinces him to stay. At home he'd have to come to you to see the baby and have no rights to the baby he wouldn't mind taking from you. If he thinks his family is welcoming the way they're bullying they'll get him to keep you from taking the baby home because he'll think they're right. Don't tell him just slowly ship stuff home telling him you donated it or something and leave when he's not home.
YTJ and see how college feels about you housing a MINOR that's illegal but don't worry you'll get to work full time when you can't do school and then see what the real world is. You do know you didn't mention Gma giving you the money so when you're arrested good luck you brought it on yourself.
Ntj and I'd tell them both after he's done I hope he loved losing use of the computer for being a jerk and that his only gift was the loss of the computer and I will never celebrate a damn thing for him. And make sure he doesn't get on the computer again. He tries something let him know you will sell his things to replace it and mom can't stop you unless she wants the cops called on hkm
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