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NTJ, but the neighbor certainly is! Where I live, you pay for the skip rental then pay by the ton to dump the contents so it would not just be a matter of the space...I would politely tell him he is on camera illegally dumping in the skip and to remove it that day or you will have your construction guys dump it in his yard.
YTJ-I have one sibling. The sibling is irresponsible with money and has been her entire life (both in our early 50s). My parents have been giving her money and bailing her and her husband out for as long as I can remember while I play the roll of listening to my mother vent about it but doing nothing to change it. I can tell you this has caused a tremendous about of resentment in me. I don't want my parents money and often refuse when they try to pay or give me some. My parents have a finite amount of money to live on and if they need help or a place to live later in life, it won't be my sibling providing it. I am civil to my sister but not close and have spent a lot of time in counseling because of the enequity. I struggle with feeling like she is the favorite but can't imagine why. I have in the past struggled to try to feel loved and accepted by my parents (but know now that I am). I know she "needs" it more but a also see that it is because of the stupid choices she makes. I often "joke" about being punished for being the "responsible" one. Take a moment to think about how your daughter must feel, knowing you do things for his kids that you don't do for hers.

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