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You're okay with your mother in law laying in bed with the 2 of you? That is just disturbing but not as disturbing as her not letting him shut the bedroom or bathroom door...or her walking In and talking to him while he's using the toilet. This is not normal behavior. She has a sick relationship with him and she needs to let him spread his wings and be a man. I can guarantee it won't get any better. She will never be able to let him be on his own. She will always be obsessed with what's going on with you 2. Just wait til you have kids. She will probably insist on being I'm the delivery room ams demand to be the first to hold your child. She will constantly be visiting your house amd give you no privacy.
@winterwoods he literally said OUR money in his post yet you go and call him an asshole for thinking it's his money. Learn to read before making such a dumbass comments. You make yourself look like an idiot
You're 100% the asshole. A middle name after your father is more than sufficient and very common. You just assumed that would be the name because you said that's what it had to be. You gave him no choice in the matter and thought you'd just do what you want. You showed him zero respect as a father by not letting him have an input.
Not the jerk He's just a smug, pompous, entitled little prick with no respect for others. He's 21 years old he should be moved out. Sounds like he will be a basement dweller sucking his mom's titty until he's. 40
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