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NTJ. It's good not to just throw things away if others can get use out of it? That said, maybe smaller amounts, and set a 48 hour limit to try to be the voice of reason here? It shows you're not trying to wreck up the place and that you hear your neighbors' issues.
Nope, you don't have anything to apologize for so NTJ. Moving you to the basement with no warning had to feel belittling. Having his new wife berate you for daring to want some say in this new life is seriously entitled on her part. She doesn't get to dictate your feelings and if she's not bothering to be fair to you, she doesn't deserve fairness. Not only that, if you take this with no complaint, what will be taken from you next? Both your dad and her have shown you who they are to you. Believe them and run.
"A bad day fishing is better than a good day working" I don't know who said that but they're correct. Much of the mental part of fishing is outsmart the fish so you can catch them. It takes time and practice. I learned at 9 and still love it. Whether I catch anything or not it's still good to get out and enjoy nature. Your partner is missing this by reducing all fishing to a scoring system. On top of it the scoring system he alone uses is ruining his hobby for him. Then he expects, um, what? Sympathy? For hours on his own away from responsibility? Oh, that's right, sympathy for not actually catching anything, a pressure he puts on himself. NTJ. Your partner doesn't get fishing and he's upsetting you both because he doesn't get it. So not fair-- even when he doesn't get anything he still gets outside and gets to relax with no jobs to do then. I don't blame you at all here.
I disagree. He used exactly the words she says are complimentary. She's mad because she finally knows how it feels and that she's been TA all along.
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