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Why are you letting your cat roam the neighborhood and invade other people’s houses and yards? I’m betting Brownie pees and poops in them, especially in any sandboxes there may be. Maybe your neighbors do feed her or give her water. But are they doing it because they “adore” doing so or because they feel she may not get what she needs at home. We have one cat our neighbors let roam and I have to watch for it every time I let my dog out. Either that or my pooch is going ballistic watching said cat lounge on our deck. I’m also cleaning up cat poop so my girl doesn’t eat it. How fair is that to me and my dog, especially in my own yard! You are 1000% the AH here. Although the $10k demand from your neighbors is excessive and they don’t have to feed her at all, I get why they are annoyed with you.
So NTJ. But take the unpredictable anyway in spite of what jerks they are. Student loan debt, if you’re in the US, compounds daily and even with a good job it might not be as easy to pay off as you think. Take the interesting, pay off your debt and then get on with your life. You can go no contact if that makes you feel better. This way you can start your life debt free. There are so many people who would love to say the same.
I’m surprised at the number of people saying YTJ. Your sister is only 12 and it sounded to me that because you are of legal age she was allowed to come with you and take her spot at school because you are there to look after her. As such it seems that you have every right to act as her guardian and to create boundaries and set rules. Expecting a 12 year old who is living in a big city for the first time to be home by 6pm isn’t ridiculous as some posters have said. She’s 12, not 21! You are responsible for her as far as the school and your parents are concerned. That said, you should get to know her new friends and find out what they and their families are like. Find out what their curfews are and over time as both of you get to know the city and those around you lift some of these restrictions.

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