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You would be the AH if you marry this jerk. The way he treats your children is appalling. The fact you have stayed woth him and allowed him to play mind games is disgusting.
Your poor older daughter. She must have been heartbroken about losing her hair in the first place and then to have her family basically say only long hair is "pretty" is pretty crappy. To see everyone make such a fit about her sisters hair when she had no choice in losing her own is crappy. Pretty much her fathers family is crappy.
To me or sounds like they are trying to initiate him into a gang... tattoos at 7? Forced hair cut... isolation from peer groups so he can be part of the "family".... id be very careful.
Ntj. Your dad is an ah though. The idea he could walk away from the children he raised is disgusting. But honestly what is the harm of getting the test? He has already disowned you and won't pay for college. Might as well find out. And if he IS your dad i would get the money and then disown him.
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