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Omg...I Can not say how much YTJ. These are CHILDREN!! The fact that you expect an 11 and 13 year old to contact you to set up times to see them?! When my stepkids were that age...hell, even now...the main thing their phones were used for was videos and friends. We saw them 52 times in 5 years and that was fighting with their mother, going back and forth to court, trying to call, making arrangements and the mother denying us (we got custody now)...but you don't see them because the children don't contact you?! Not because the mother keeps them from you. And now, you want to quit paying support because the ex doesn't need it and kids don't talk to you. You do realize if it is ordered through the courts that you can and will have your license taken and jail time, right? Grow up and be a father to those boys. They hurt enough that mom and dad aren't together (and looking at this, I can't blame mom) but they need their dad to actually show he still cares, which according to your post, its looking like you don't. Grow up and realize these KIDS need you and YOU are the one that needs to make it happen...not children. You are so much the jerk

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