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Yeah, YTJ. Your STEPDAD paid for the wedding and supported you for a good while, and your brothers think that their dislike, based on immature and childish emotions, is grounds for them to force you to choose between them and someone who has actually cared for you for years. And you thought it was ok to uninvite your STEPDAD? Oh, hell no!!!
Yeah, YTJ. You basically stole your daughters property and told her that's she is worth kess to you than your son. Not even gonna go there about the really crappy example you just set for your super entitled son....
Yep. YWBTJ. It's an apartment. They have thin walls. The only thing you can honestly complain about is the arguing. The rest of it is your own entitlement attitude.
Really? Homework isn't allowed? Guess your kid will end up as stupid as you then. BTW, school is NOT a job. Sadly, people like you are the biggest issue this world has.
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