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My daughter was saddled with an old fashioned name because it is a tradition in our family to name oldest daughter of oldest daughter the name. Because there are so many in the family with the name we use nicknames. My daughter has decided to be child free so she is in the process of changing here legal name to her nickname. Just know that a child may grow up to change their name if they dislike it.
Get a heated mattress pad. They make dual ones so your side can be off and SO side on and toasty
So sorry this is your experience. There is absolutely no reason to cancel church because there is no music. THAT IS NOT WHAT CHURCH IS ABOUT. You could have given more notice and I am sure you knew this would happen one day so you could have planned for it. I am sure had he realized your sexuality he would have kicked you out with no notice so you have nothing to feel guilty about. Best of luck to you and know that Jesus loves everyone regardless.
If you had custody of your children there is no way he would have gotten child support. Also alimony is a bit shaky with you having the children and no child support. Sounds like you didn’t get any and/or good legal advice. The state has a minimum it declares for child support even if you don’t ask for it. You might have a case for retroactive child support, but just asking for money since now you are broke to support you, your not his children and your husband is not justified.
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