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YTJ. Google the phrase “weaponized incompetence” and then teach yourself how to be a better housekeeper, cook, and partner. What would you do if your wife got hit by a bus?
NTJ. I wouldn’t object to having a medical student present unless it was someone I was going to have to make small talk with at Thanksgiving dinner! The relationship we have with medical professionals is very different from the relationship we have with family members and it should remain so
YTJ. Majorly. I’m going to be completely indelicate and simply state that it can take over a week to complete a miscarriage. I found out on a Sunday that there was no heartbeat, the following Friday, I passed a large clot that was supposed to have developed into my first child. It was excruciatingly painful. Not sister of the bride time. Curl up with a heating pad, a movie, and a good dog time. There’s no way I could have smiled and enjoyed a wedding a week after my loss.
YTJ, but seriously, did it occur to anyone to get a trash can with a lid?
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