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News flash, people....paying others to do YOUR work is WRONG, especially in school!...if the other student had actually taken the time to STUDY for his/her class, there would have been no problem, he/she would not be out $60 for a failed paper, and there would have been no hard feelings, because the other student would have passed or failed on his/her own merit or lack thereof. OP is wrong for agreeing to this mess, the other student is wrong for paying for someone else to do his/her work, and the friends who are injecting their opinions into the matter don't even count. Everyone sucks here.
ESH, but Adam a little less because he started seeing Chelsea first then she started in with Brian. OP especially, because she did exactly what she said she was not going to do, which was putting herself in the middle of the situation and then blurting out a "secret" when she was in an argument. Chelsea secondly, because she started seeing Adam then showed herself to be an unfaithful little witch by "flirting" with Brian. Brian, because it appears that he likes the drama and attention on him being caused by the whole situation. Adam sucks the least, but he does suck a little for not nutting up and telling the whole lot to screw off. He does not need relationships like this. Bottom line this all sounds like a bunch of 12-year-old middle schoolers in a playground squabble ("(s)he likes me more than (s)he likes you, neener, neener!). Y'all need to grow up and act like the grown ass adults you purport yourselves to be!
NTJ here....Is your mom kidding? If it were me and my child, and mom had locked the door to the room, (BTW, are you sure mom didn't have the crib assembled in the spare room on purpose?) I would have immediately kicked the door in, told mom to go pound sand, gathered my and the baby's things and left. I also would have waited until things cooled down a bit, called mom and told here that there was no way I would EVER be bringing my baby back to her house. If, God forbid, that child had gotten hold of something dangerous and had been severely injured or worse, there would be hell to pay from any number of family agencies. Mom screwed up BIG TIME on this one. Stick to your guns, mama! Don't take baby back to grandma's place until ALL early developmental milestones are achieved!
There is a lot more going on here than just a sandwich....If I didn't know better, I would say that mom is having a hard time adjusting to the "trans" part and the sandwich is just a cover for her frustrations. Calling the disability office tipped her hand, because my thought, for all it's worth, is that mom wants to get her hands on the disability money. Next time OP is feeling generous, they may want to do it away from mom's view so it does not add fuel to her (mom's) fire. BTW, not the jerk at all.
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