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Has anyone here thought of yet one more problem here? The problem of possible child endangerment/neglect? Depending on when or how much partying is going on here, if the child is present when said partying is going on, everyone in the party could be in serious trouble if the child was to get hurt or worse. that should be enough to "make" these parents find other childcare arrangements at the very least, or maybe the rest of the group should start making party arrangements without the parents. The parents may get angry, but that's tough crap. Is it worth it to risk going to jail for a kid that's not even yours? These parents are gold plated jerks.
The whole "it takes a village" thing to pressure family members into free childcare is pure unadulterated bullshit. If it truly "takes a village", I would tell B&SIL to go to that (online) village and get help from the (online) villagers. See how far they get when they ask about FREE childcare with the "it takes a village" BS. NTJ...OP has a life and a new job to take care of and if B&SIL can't get that into their thick skulls they need to take the kids along on this trip or cancel altogether. No one said that raising kids is easy and there is no such thing as "vacation days" with kids.
This "child" is a grown ass man and needs to be treated as such. That also means that HE has to go buy the gifts, HE has to spend the money that HE makes on those gifts, and HE needs to wrap the gifts that HE bought. No "letting him down lightly", no "once then no more". One day soon, he is not going to have Mommy to run to when things get rough, and the "he's only a boy" argument is not going to work (honestly should have stopped about 7 years prior). Life is going to smack this man-child right in the face full force and it is not going to be cute for him. He needs to grow up and learn to live as adult in the adult world NOW!!!
To all the people saying YTJ....try and take a month off work at your job after, God forbid, the loss of a loved one, then tell us how that works out...most places of employment give only 3-5 days, and that is only at the behest of the federal government and codified by law. NTJ, OP paid for a service to be performed in a set amount of time at a set price. Loss or not, that contract should be honored or OP has the right to sue. "Act of God" clauses in contracts usually pertain to weather-related events, not loss of a loved one. OP should insist on having the photos completed or serve the photographer with a lawsuit.
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