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True, but the adult needs to tell the teen why. Punishment without reason isn't punishment. It's mistreatment. You can't correct bad behavior if you don't know what you did wrong.
This one is kinda weird. Your mom needs to be upfront about why she hasn't eaten anything in your house. Your wife needs to calm down because it's just going to make everything worse. Sit your mom down without your wife and ask what is going on. If I had some staying at my house but refused to eat anything I made I would be very upset. Especially if I didn't know the reason. I would like to know what I am doing wrong so I could correct it and make something they would enjoy or at leadt eat willingly. You need to be the one to find out what your mom is not saying if you really want to keep the peace.
The kid is scared. I was terrified of strangers when I was little. I would have done the same thing. Mom only suggested speaking in English in an attempt to make him more comfortable. It isn't going to work. They may be family but to him they ate nothing but strangers. Maybe one or two with only dad would be okay. Not everyone.
If I lived with someone who regularly walked around in their underthings without anything else I would have a problem too. Put your pants/shorts on. It is not just your house. Where however much or little you want in your bedroom but have common areas don't were anything you wouldn't go outside in.
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