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The first paragraph literally says she is autistic and has high support needs.
NTJ. In many places what he did could be considered assault. Lying about what you are giving some else to consume is a big no no. Especially since it gave you withdrawal symptoms.
Why was that the only alternative they could come up with? Switch her to an older room where the kids are potty trained and bring in someone from that room to OPs. That would have been a far more reasonable accommodation, especially if she is getting nauseous changing them. I sure as heck wouldn't want her puking in front of me and the kids
My bet is he doesn't want to pay. He is trying to scare L and OP so she doesn't want go. She chooses not to go, he doesn't have to pay and can pretend to other people that he is still the good guy because he offered. What a jerk!
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