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NTJ for stopping. Getting high in potential dangerous surrounding is plain stupid. Save that jerk for when and where you don't have to drive/walk/ride/boat. The rule when hiking in a group IS to go at the pace of the slowest member. If the other two wanted to "get a work out", they should have waited for another day.
YTJ Full stop. Period. This is a MEDICAL CONDITION. If you don't care enough about this woman to take all the steps you need to to protect her health, then cut her loose so she can find a REAL MAN.
Chuckles was spot on here. Your bio mom was an egg donor. Halle stepped up to the plate when she didn't actually have to to make sure you always felt loved and secure. Tell bio mom it is YOUR wedding, and Halle is important to YOU, and if she (bio mom) can't be civil for ONE DAY....she's the problem, not Halle. She isn't "hurt", she's being a manipulative jerk
YTJ Your partner has your back, and you take the jerk reactions of the juvenile pranksters you work with out on HIM? My grandparents still kissed in public after 53 years of marriage. It's a beautiful thing that is missing in today's world, it seems: partners in life not showing care and support in public.
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