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NTJ. If she got fired after your report, I would be willing to bet it wa NOT the first complaint against her. As it has been sid, she got herself fired.
Jennifer being FIL's partner does not make her children an automatic part of your fiance's family. Her being FIL's partner does not automatically mean she must be included in any aspect of your wedding other than being a guest... which does not extend to her very young, poorly behaved children. YOUR wedding, YOUR call
You don't owe her...but... think of what that guy was like. And she was hooked on him. It tends to warp perceptions. (Been there, done that) If you are both young, you will both make mistakes. She made one and is trying to make things right with you. Are you really not going to give her that chance?
NTJ You lived that experience and it didn't go well for you. Would all children be traumatized ? No, not all kids are alike. Wut the parents need to seriously think about it.
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