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NTJ Demi could kill Faith if she keeps ignoring the allergens in fast food. Suggestion: From now on, Demi has to stop on the front porch and go over any food she's carrying for peanuts and sesame before she opens the door and brings it into the house. Maybe hang a stop sign on the door, or a peanut image with a red bar across it, or some other reminder.
NTJ Doing a huge trip like this together after only two months of being involved is really pushing it. Three months elbow to elbow in a truck cab with somebody you barely know?? Arguing over what to see and where to go, instead of doing as you please? You'd probably break up. Go by yourself. In a couple of years, you'll have saved up more vacation time, and by then he should have saved up some too. Then, if you're still together, and you both want to, you could do a long road trip as a couple.
NTJ No more favors. When C takes time off, don't take her classes over, and don't cook her any meals.
NTJ You were more patient than I would have been. I'd've insisted the parents stop their child from kicking my seat and grabbing my hair.
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