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eSH.... she should have have been honest that she isn't comfortable taking them alone.. adm you cos she isn't favouring junior over Dylan it's that younsaod yourself hes been acting out and she ISNT a parent and she is shy and she doesn't want to deal with his meltdowns alone
NTJ... you called her on her jealousy.. she then hit a low blow woth her vitriol about your mom... not a good thing, so she's arsy cos you got a pay rise and she didn't, she's mad cos you have a higher IQ.. then she calls you a toxic name due to your dead mothers addiction.... jeez your wife sounds lovely.... I would hate to see her on a bad day... think wife needs to stay in the guest room till she goves her head a wobble amd her attitude an adjustment
NTJ... you asked to wear a similar colour dress that was less fitted she said no you dropped out... she can find another bridesmaid not a drama
NTJ.... THEY got pregnant and you didn't force her to... THEY need baby stuff to expect you to provide it all and a house deposit... I will tell you exactly what the plan is... spit said kid out and get you t move into the house you heop pay for and watch the kid while they go off woth their nomadic lifestyle still
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