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Outing would do zero good because I guarantee the family sees and knows what she's doing, but are willing to ignore because she's probably treating them to fancier dinners than they usually have
I'd be talking to a lawyer. I do a LOT of cooking, and even if getting someone to eat something because it's a little spicy or something, and they ask if a SPECIFIC ingredient is in it, I will tell them TRUTHFULLY, or if I don't know, I will either check labels, or tell them TRUTHFULLY that I don't know for certain. Those calling the poster the AH make me think they are the kind that enjoy playing vicious pranks on people just to make them look bad, or seriously embarrass them, but if someone tells them their epidermis is showing, they will get violently angry because the prank makes THEM look silly
I would go with a dry wedding serving non alcoholic sparkling grape juice, and have the bar tenders serve mocktails
And I know of zero buffets that allow you to take home food you can't finish.
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