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Better yet, that is on their academic record here, so getting another student visa will be hard to impossible, and IF they were to get another, of course it will show up when other schools research their academic history. Add to that, some countries put enough weight in being able to study abroad, their actions will possibly follow them back home too
Little bro is the jerk. His choice of the wedding events to come out suggest one, or both, of two things. 1, he feels jealous that the bride and groom will be getting tons of attention that day, and he wants to be center of attention always, or 2, he is hoping cruel attacks by non accepting family will be kept to a minimum in order to not ruin the wedding
Wish I could read the police, insurance and job incident reports on that one.
You sound like someone who has been on the receiving end of pay back for being a neighbor who whines about the sun being too bright and the wind blowing too hard through your open window and blaming it all on the neighbors
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