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I'm a very petite 27 year old female with quite a few serious health problems so my overprotective parents won't let me out of their sights but thanks for the brilliant ideas if I ever run into this type of situation
Freshman year, high school, Pre-AP Biology. Teacher was ex-Navy; nobody had ever passed his final. Just for some background, I was a twelve year old (I'd previously skipped two grades). So for some reason, I coasted through the school year and went into the final exam with a 114 A average, thus was hardly worried about passing the final. Somehow, our class did so badly that he declared that "mot people were older than their grades" before deciding to add a 20 point curve so that we wouldn't look TOO stupid. Apparently only one person actually passed the exam without the curve. Everyone looks at me...I don't like to brag so I look at my two good friends in the class [whom are both really smart tbh]. Teacher hands back exams facedown and whispers to me, "Congratulations," I go red and turn up the corner of my exam to see the 88%. The other kids are quicker and grab my exam and are giving me crap because they literally knew that I would have the best grade. Teacher goes to post up the new averages [only identifiable by student ID number]. Being that I'm only 4'7, I don't rush to go look but someone's already yelling, "Whose ****?" I very reluctantly say it's me...I somehow finished the class with a 116 A. I'm pretty sure many parents were pissed but it was the last day of school so I never found out. Last I heard, I'm still a legend ^^;;

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