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You're NTJ exactly, but I think you've got it all wrong. The person who disrespected you is your husband. Did Luke even know he didn't discuss it with you at all? Stay home and let your future ex-husband know exactly why.
Wow! Is the single dad's child not allowed to have play dates with a friend of her own choosing because of the jealousy of an insecure j e r k? While I was in college my car broke down and I accepted a ride to an off campus observation with a male classmate. When I told my then husband, he blew up. A couple weeks later I had to drive a neighbor to the hospital after her son, my son's best friend was hit by a car while the boys were riding bikes together. On the way home I spotted Mr Wunnerful's car at a bar and stopped to let him know what happened and our son might need him. He was holding hands with a coworker! IMO, jealousy is fueled by a guilty conscience.
Did they ever tell you,"Just because everybody's doing it, doesn't make it right"? Now's the time to toss it back.
They didn't say they would actually do this. They threatened to do it to wake up the siblings to the fact they need a will.
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