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The way I see it, if your bills are paid and you're not asking him or her for money, it's nobody's business if you work or not. It's also not anyone's business if she works but their bills are paid and they're not asking for money. I see why you brought up her not working. But it did bring her into something she had nothing to do with nor was around to defend herself in the convo. It's crazy he even brought it up and it seems to me like he's jealous bc you get to spend time with his lady doing things he'd like to do himself. I understand why his lady got mad though. If I walked into a comment like that with no explanation, I'd be upset too. Esp from someone whom I seen like a friend/sister.
I'm blown away at some of the opinions here. You should have included her in your answer. Like someone said saying very proud step mother. But you could have said many things like "were two out of 3. Mom went to the restroom." But you are very much their parent. It seems your husband should have stood up for you and your feelings too after all you've done for these kids 5 days a week. They need to show their appreciation for you and your ability to claim/ care for children you didn't necessarily birth. At least bio took you to the side but you guys should be coparenting on another level. Your respect for her seems to be there and top notch. However, hers could use some work. Kids will always remember who was really there
Hahaha! Great Job! I hate ars*hol*s

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